Credit Program

“No Credit Required” Charge Account

Americans are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain credit by traditional means. Even those with good credit are being denied credit while existing credit lines are reduced and/or cancelled. And if you have bad credit, the available options are even more limited or non-existent.

Crown Jewelers offers a unique credit solution to meet a variety of needs. Whether you're trying to establish credit with Crown Jewelers or save your major credit cards for an emergency, our "No Credit Required" credit account is perfect for you.

  • Credit Limits up to $5000
  • Monthly payments as low as $25 
  • Accounts reviewed for upgrade every three payments 
  • May qualify for "Zero Down" after as little as 12 months of on-time payments 

With Crown Jewelers, you can obtain the credit you need and without relying on your prior credit history.

Crown Jewelers does not review your credit report for credit approvals. To qualify for an account with Crown Jewelers you must:

  • be currently employed
  • be 18 years of age
  • reside in the US
  • complete and submit our secure online application
  • not have any prior accounts with Crown Jewelers or it's affiliates

Yes, it's that simple! Please complete our short online application to qualify for your Crown Jeweler's Credit Account.

*Crown Jewelers reserves the right to modify or discontinue their credit program, if they deem necessary, at any time without giving up any of their rights.