No prior credit history is required, however to qualify for an account with Crown Jewelers you must:

  • Be currently employed

  • be 18 years of age

  • reside in the US

  • complete and submit our secure online application

  • not have any prior accounts with Crown Jewelers or it's affiliates

All no credit check accounts initially require a small down payment. Once your account is approved, Login to find out your required down payment and make purchases on account.

At this time, Crown Jewelers does not report to the Credit Bureaus but is always adding new third party financing options with easy approvals and credit reporting.

Our credit decision relies on verification criteria that does not include your prior credit history with other creditors. Our unique program is designed to reward those who, over time, demonstrate an ability and willingness to pay on their Crown Jewelers charge account by periodically reviewing the account for upgrade with the potential to qualify for zero down.

Your approval is good as long as all the required information on your account is current and that information can be verified before processing your order.

Once your account is approved, we will email you your account number, credit limit and password. You will simply visit our website and click the account Login Icon. Once logged in, you will see down payment required on your account next to the price of an item. Add the items you wish to purchase to the shopping cart. Simply pay your required down payment plus shipping & handling at the time of checkout, using a major credit card or PayPal . You may also mail your payment by check or money order. You pay for the balance of the purchase in monthly payments in accordance with the charge agreement.

Yes, we do. If you pay by personal check, your product will NOT be shipped until your check has cleared the bank. For faster processing of your order please mail in a USPS money order instead. PLEASE DO NOT MAIL CASH.

For your convenience Crown Jewelers now accepts payments from your Paypal accounts. Paypal Lets you send money by email. To sign up for your Paypal account, please click here

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Crown Jewelers currently offers a zero down account in as little as twelve months provided:

    A purchase is required to activate the account

  • The account must remain in good standing for 12 consecutive months (minimum monthly payments made on time)

  • All the required information on your account is valid at the time we process your order AND

  • You have an available balance on your charge account

Down payments and credit limits on Crown Jewelers accounts are reviewed periodically and subject to change based on your payment history with us. Please note, the "zero down" credit limit may be lower than the total credit limit associated with the account and is determined by payment history. You can log into your account any time to see your down payment amount.

Yes, if your account ever goes delinquent we not only reserve the right to close or place a hold on your account, but upon your bringing it current we may increase the down payment and/or reduce the credit limit.

Your statement will be updated online every month.

There is a minimum payment due once every month on or before last day of every month.

Your minimum monthly payment is $25 or 5% of your account balance, whichever is more, plus any past due amount from prior month(s).

You can pay online or mail your payments to Crown Jewelers Inc.

  • P.O. Box 630705

  • Irving, Texas 75063-0134

Simply use the form provided on Your Account page and submit it online.

No, at this time you must pay shipping and handling charges (in addition to any applicable down payment) using a major credit card or PayPal at the time of check out, or include it in your payment by mail.

*Crown Jewelers reserves the right to modify or discontinue their credit program, if they seem necessary, at any time without giving up any of their rights.